Olympia-Urlaubsregion Seefeld in Tirol Ortsansicht Seefeld
Wanderurlaub in Seefeld, Tirol | Wanderhotel Österreich
Freizeitaktivität GOLFEN | ****Hotel Seefeld
Sommerurlaub in Tirol, Österreich | Hotel Seefeld
Laufen & Joggen | Sommerurlaub in Seefeld, Tirol
Radfahren & Mountainbiken in Tirol, Österreich | Sommerurlaub Seefeld
Wandern in Tirol, Österreich | ****Wanderhotel Seefeld
Wandern in Tirol, Österreich | Wanderhotel mit Wellness in Seefeld
Wandern in Seefeld | ****Wanderhotel Tirol, Österreich
Günstige Familienwochen in Seefeld | ****Familienhotel Tirol
Joggen im Wald | Sommerurlaub in Seefeld, Tirol, Österreich
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Summer & fall vacation in Seefeld

Seefeld is one of the most vibrant and multi-facetted holiday destination not only in Tyrol but also in Austria! Seefeld is located at 1.200 m above sea level in the middle of the Alps and is characterized by its mild climate and its splendid setting amidst the mountains.

Holidays for hikers and for all those who love the Alps
The mountains and their charm: explore Seefeld, Tyrol and the Alps by foot! About 650 km marked hiking, mountain climbing and fixed rope climbing routes, and over 60 alpine huts provide for wonderful hikes in the Seefeld region.

Sport activities in the Olympic region Seefeld
Seefeld and Tyrol are the perfect holiday destination, especially for sportsmen as they find here the best training conditions of a renowned Olympic region. Take advantage of your stay at the Parkhotel Seefeld: hiking and trekking, Nordic walking and golf are within easy reach!
… or what about:
mountain biking, rafting, aerobics, badminton, billiard, archery, boat trips, canoeing, fishing, inline skating, kayak, bowling, climbing, mini golf, paragliding, horse riding, swimming, wellbeing, squash, tennis, curling…

Exploring nature and culture..
The Olympic region Seefeld offers lots of interesting natural, cultural and tourist attractions for guests of every age.

A fantastic holiday getaway ideal for allergy sufferers as well
Allergy sufferers in particular can take a deep breath in the Olympia region Seefeld! From July onwards the region is considered to be virtually free of allergens as the flowering season for grasses and pollen ends very early here.

Sommerurlaub in der Olympiaregion Seefeld | Urlaub in Tirol, Österreich
Sommeraktivitäten | Sommerangebote Seefeld, Tirol
Reiten | Sommerangebote Seefeld, Tirol
Olympiaregion Seefeld | Sommerurlaub in Tirol, Österreich
Sommer Urlaubsangebot & Freizeitaktivitäten | Sommerurlaub in Seefeld, Tirol
Sommerurlaub in Seefeld, Tirol | ****Parkhotel Seefeld
Sommerurlaub in Tirol | ****Parkhotel Seefeld
Sommer-Familienurlaub in den Alpen | ****Parkhotel Seefeld
Sommerurlaub in Seefeld, Tirol, Österreich | PARKHOTEL
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